10. Introduction


10.2 Operator Input : Field System Commands

This is the interface used to directly set the Field System commands, both in real time and with a timed procedure.

The Field System commands have the following syntax :

- Parameter setting

Syntax : command=list of parameters

Reply : command/list of parameters

- Check of the already set parameters

Syntax : command=?

Reply : command/list of parameters

- Monitoring commands, to ask the system about the antenna status

Syntax : command

Reply : command=list of parameters



Fig. 10.6 :Operator Input Interface

The rows generated in the "Login Shell" starts with the time (UT).

The standard commands and the replies given by the interface are listed in the Field System manual. The following "ad hoc" commands and procedures have been added by the Observatory staff.

- antenna (Italian only)

- track (Italian only)

- scu

- scuoff (Italian only)

- azelrate (Italian only)

- medconf (Italian only)

- radecrate (Italian only)

- vertex (Italian only)

- setup (Italian only)


The on-line manual can also be called directly from the interface, with the syntax :



10.2.1 The most used commands


- source  : Source parameters setting (name, coordinates, etc...)

- vcnn  :  Videoconverter setting

- ifd  : IF distributor 1 & 2 setting

- if3  : IF distributor 3 setting

- wx  : External environment parameters (temperature, pressure relative humidity)

- azeloff  : offset position setting (degrees)


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