12. Mspec0


12.2 Output Panel

Fig. 12.2 : Mspec0, pannello di visualizzazione

In normal observing conditions the four buttons (top left) must be as shown in fig. 11.2 (On-source GREEN and the other three GREY). The first button can appear as follows :

YELLOW : Slewing

RED : Calibration

BLUE : Off-Source

The axis scale and the unit of measure can be changed using the buttons under the graph. The spectra can be viewed individually (Plotting method : single), overlapped (Plotting method : overlap), in time succession (Plotting method : history).

Other buttons :

- PRINT : generates an encapsulated postscript file

- CLEAR : cancels the display

- SUSPEND : stops the visualization only

- GO-AHEAD : in Manual mode starts the data acquisition


The grey panel shows a cycle summary.


The output panel contains two sub-section also :


Filter image supp

- Offset : a filter is applied, corresponding to the medium level of the 1080% total power level.

- Mov. avg : the medium level corresponding to the desired spectral points number (selected in the "bin" box) is subtracted.

- None



- Last : The data are shown per block.

- Peak old : Shows the last maximum peak.

- Filter img. : shape of the filter that will be subtracted from the spectra (see above)

- Media of lasts : shows the average of the last acquired spectra per type (On, Off, etc...)

- On-off : shows the spectra resulting from the ON-OFF operation.



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