1. Introduction


The Medicina 32-m antenna is a Cassegrain radiotelescope in operation since 1983, managed by the Istituto di Radioastronomia which is part of INAF (Istituto Nazionale di AstroFisica).

Fig. 1.1 : The Medicina antenna

The main features of this instrument are the following :

bullet Frequency agility (the observing frequency can be changed very quickly), tmax ≤ 4 min
bullet Complete automation and remote control of the observing settings


Location Medicina (BO), Italy
Coordinates Lat. 4431'15" N - Long. 1138'49" E - Alt. 25 m f.s.l.
Optics Cassegrain
Frequency coverage 1.35 26.5 GHz
Primary reflector diameter 32 m
Secondary reflector diameter 3.2 m
Available foci

Primary F/D = 0.32

Cassegrain F/D = 3.04

Elevation range 090
Azimut range 270
Slew rates (wind speed < 60 km/h)

48/min Azimuth

30/min Elevation

Surface accuracy (rms specified)

0.6 mm *

Pointing accuracy (rms specified) 8 arcsec
FWHM Beamwidth 38.7 arcmin/f (GHz)
Gain 0.10 0.16 K/Jy
First secondary lobes 20 dB under the main lobe
Receivers mounts

Primary focus : movable positioner (3 receiver bays)

Cassegrain focus : fixed (9 receiver bays)

Tab. 1.1 : Characteristics of the Medicina antenna

*60 elevation

Fig. 1.2 : Medicina antenna, side view

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