Radiotelescopi di Medicina : LOFAR

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3.3 Antennas Specifications

1. Introduction  

Low Band Antenna

Type Dipoles
Height 1.40 m
Dipole arms 1.00 m
Resonance frequency 70 MHz
Polarization Double
Wire mesh groundplane (size t.b.d.)


2. The Core
3.Technical Details
3.1 The System
3.2 Data processing
3.3 Antennas spec.
4.Lofar at Medicina
4.1 Baseline extension
4.2 Lofar Kit
4.3 Superstation
5. Science

High Band Antenna (“tile”)

Type Compound consisting of 4x4 dual pol. dipoles (t.b.c.)
Height 0.60 m
Dipole arms 0.70 m
Resonance frequency 220 MHz
Polarization Doppia
RF beamformer (single beam for each polarization)



Three-axis vibration sensor


Standard KNMI infrasound sensor






                                                                                                G. Bianchi