Noise Source Comparation


Noise Sources Comparison - Sept 2010

The accuracy of the Noise Temperature of the LNAs for the Radioatronomy depend mainly on the uncertainty of the instruments used to perform the measurement; namely the Noise Source.
Even the most accurate Noise Source found on the market is often considered not enough accurate for the radioastronomical purposes.
Once the Noise Sources has been calibrated with the most accurate metrological standards, the only way to further improve the accuracy is a comparison.
Here you find the result of a comparison program of Noise Sources, performed by trusted laboratories, around the Europe.

1) Reduction of Uncertainty on NF measurement - Jun 2006 (4.14 MB)

2) The reasons for a comparison - June 2010 (55 KB)

3) Noise Source Comparison - Final Report - Sept 2010 (410 KB)

4) Corrective actions for the ENR - Sept 2010 (35 KB)







                                                                                                G. Bianchi