Safety Rules



Accessing the station
Outside the normal working days/hours, it is necessary to use a badge to open the station barrier.
Together with this badge, observers must be provided with information on safety rules, along with the codes which are necessary to switch off the alarm system and enter the various areas of the station.
In order to obtain these tools/documents, please refer to the IRA staff which is involved in your project. If this is not applicable, write to this contact.

Wind park
There is, at present, no automatic wind-park procedure.
If wind speed exceeds 80 km/h, the antenna must be put in stow position (blocked at 90 elevation and 180 azimuth):

  Field System Command : antenna=stow (alternatively, from the ANTM5 panel, use the stow button)
  ESCS command: antennaPark

Please notice: during snowfalls, put the antenna in stow position and contact the on-call person (details dispatched locally).

Restricted areas
The area marked by a white line around the antenna must always be kept free.

Emergency phone numbers
Notice: if using the station telephones, dial '0' before the numbers.
112 Carabinieri (the nearest patrol of law enforcements)
113 Police
115 Fire Department
118 Ambulance


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