The BEST-3lo and BEST-2 share the same back end. In order to select the right input signal from BEST-2 or from BEST-3lo, an analogue switch is provided. As shown in the figure below, the back end is in the central rack. In the right and left part there are the BEST-2 and BEST-3lo receivers.



The back-end was realized from Berkeley University. Three main blocks performs the several operations necessary for the processing:

  • iADC: analog to digital conversion board by a dual 8 bit 1GSPS Atmel ADC (AT84AD001B).
  • iBOB: InfiniBand data trasmission board. A FPGA on board allows the pre-processing of the digitized data.
  • BEE-2: a 500GOPS processing board system where the correlation of signal from the several antennas is performed (more info).


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